Andycine Plus Upgrade Notice

  • Thursday, 27 February 2020
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Andycine Plus Upgrade Notice

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In order to improve customer experience, we upgrade the A6 plus both firmware and software.
1. Interface add DC 5V input: Type-C, you can flexible use mobile phone powerbank to power monitor.
2. The advance feature add: Waveform, Vector scope, Auto Mirror, Nine Grid, False Color (type2).

Notice: The new version will instead old version, and we will update the website and listing, package .etc soon.

The A6 Plus old version without Type C version can update the firmware with Waveform, Vector scope, Nine Grid, False Color (Type2).

Here the A6 plus firmware update link (Only for old version A6 PLUS without Type-C interface):


5V Type-C Power Input

In addition to the power supply through the battery plates and 12V DC power input, it also supports 5V Type-C input, which can be powered by mobile phone charger or power bank. (At least 5V/2A)


Video Analysis Assistant Pattern

Waveform / Vector scope / Histogram


Auto Mirror

After auto-mirror is turned on, rotate the monitor vertically, and the picture will be adjusted upside down automatically.

Parameter Compariso

Parameter Comparison

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