Warranty of Andycine official store

Pay attention to:

When the monitor have a question, you should record the problem first, it is best to record a video, and then send the video or pictures to our customer care team by e-email ,cs@andycine.com, because of this, we can better understand the situation you are encountering, then find a best solution for you. Helps increase efficiency.

1. The warranty of our products are ONE year, if there is any defective with our products, please contact us in time, we will deal with it soon.

2. We don't accept returned goods besides product quality problem.

3. Please contact us in advance if you insist to return the goods, we don’t accept returned goods without being informed in advance.

4. Please keep the whole package totally the same as the one you got if you decide to return the goods.And tell us tracking number after you send it out.

5. After we receive your returned goods,we need to evaluate the goods before returning the money, If it is quality problem indeed that belongs to our responsibility, we will refund full to you.

But if it is without any quality problem or the problem doesn't belong to our responsibility, we will reject to return any money to you. Please kindly know it.


Those products bought from Andycine, we promise to provide one year free repair service. Andycine warrants its products against defects(excluding physical damage to the product  in materials and workmanship under normal use for a period of one (1) year from the date of  Beyond the warranty period such services shall be charged at the then prevailing rates in Andycine’s price list.

It is possible that you may need to return products to Andycine for servicing or troubleshooting.Before you send any product to Andycine, you must e-mail us, telephone us or fax us and wait for a Return Material Authorization (RMA) form to be sent to you.

Usuallywithin two business days, your RMA request will be reviewed and we will contact you with the results. If approved, a  RMA  number  will  be  e-mailed  to  you.  Customers  should  deliver the returned products to our appointed service center within 15 days from when you receive the RMA number. For our best  receipt,  the  equipment  should  be  properly  packed.  Letting  us know the packaging details, shipper and delivery date is also a 

Asto returned products, they only defined to defective main machine or main  Those accessories or parts without warranty marks are excluded from herein warranty terms.

Whilereturning, products must be well protected from pressure, bump, shake and humidity, 


RMA number must be clearly written on the shipping

Returned items must be in accordance with the RMA

Malfunction or damage caused by improper packaging during

Transportation cost to our repair center is the responsibility of the purchaser. After our verification that the returned product matches our warranty terms and conditions, Andycine will repair the defective product free of charge, and also bear the return transportation fee.

If the delivered product is confirmed out of warranty, our customer service center will inform the customers. Then, you may decide to pay for the repair or 

Whilereturning the repaired products, forwarder shall be chosen by  If the customer would like to appoint a forwarder on his own,  the customer shall  be responsible for the extra  costs and relevant risks.

We hope you will thoroughly inspect your products as soon as it is delivered to your address. If a shipment arrives at your door and there is apparent shipping damage or missing, refuse the delivery.Your first action in the case of shipping damage is to contact us for 

Ifreturned products (within warranty period) are either stopped production or have difficulty in repairing, Andycine will consider a replacement or other solutions, which shall be negotiated by both 


Products will fail to achieve our free repair service, provided that one or more than one of the following conditions occurs to them. However, we will adopt paid repairing service, depending on different conditions.

Warranty labels of products or accessories are removed or there is no Andycine RMA numberof the returned 

Operated and maintained in any manner inconsistent with the manual terms and

Malfunctionor damage resulting from repairs or alterations made by parties other than Andycine or an authorized Andycine Technology Co., Ltd. service technician.

Malfunction or damage caused by forces of nature (for example, Earthquake, Fire, Flood, Lighting strike, War, etc)

Anydamages caused by accidents, any unreasonable use or neglect, deterioration, mishandling or failure of maintenance (for example, damages caused in transit).

Beyondone (1) year warranty period


Pleasetelephone or e-mail cs@andycine.com. Customer Service Center, in case of  any questions on operation or product itself. We will reply you within 24 hours.

Ifyou would like to purchase the relevant accessories you are responsible for the shipping cost and other related costs when returning your  Or, you may choose to deliver them together with your next order.

Whatever product that is beyond warranty period, the customer can choose paid However, the customer shall be responsible for the material costs, store credit, shipping cost and other related costs.