• What I like:1. The usability is just soo much better than the previous model! 
-touble tap for menu 
-swipe up for assist features. [double tap the feature to costumize it]
-swipe up on the left side of screen (screen brightness).
-right side swipe up (volume)
- pinch to zoom2. Lots of assist features built into the monitor that help with the exposure and focusing.
Focus assist
audio metering
false color [I wish there was the IRE numbers as well]
safety marker
centre marker
scan mode
video aspect
anamorphic modes
flip modes
pixel to pixel
Lots3. Audio monitoring has no lag! On the previous model I couldn’t use the monitor jack input since it had a lag with the live. Not anymore4. 3D LUT support,[.cube] oh, this is so helpful!!! The monitor already has some LUT’s built in for slogs and vlogs and clogs, but you can add your own via the sd card slot. Soo helpful and easy to use.5. The battery mount has 2 battery options, one way Sony F style and other way Canon LP-E6 battery. So which ever ones you have you don’t need to get extra converters to fit your batteries.
  • I just got this monitor and I cannot say enough good tings about it. It is stunning how good the quality is, much better than any previous monitor I have had. It is crisp, clear, and comes with a protective screen/case. For gaming, or work, or just browsing it works great in all domains. The desktop is large enough to fit two full sized windows. I am very impressed.
  • We got a few of Wimaxit's portable monitors in our office, so when I wanted to get one for myself, the decision was easy.This thing is relatively sleek looking and light. It does come with a cover that works as a stand as well. Overall the look matches the price tag.Out of box I was able to get the screen set up as a second monitor with no problem. No dead pixels, and pretty bright and clear. But for some reason I just couldn't get the touchscreen to work with my laptop, so I contacted the seller. They got back to me really fast and helped me troubleshooting until it worked. So apparently I need to connect the HDMI to HDMI first, then USB C to USB C. In my video I had the power plugged in, just in case, but it still worked after I unplugged the charging cord.This is a solid product and the company has great customer service.
  • I was very impressed with this product. I had just recently bought a similar product from Asus that was non-touchscreen and more money. Like some other popular named brand monitors, the particular type c only connection option was too high tech even for my most recent expensive high tech gaming rig purchased just a few months ago. I had to take it back because it didn't work. Other big name brand monitors seemed to fall into the same category. Then I found this product. It was extremely compatible with both my desktop and laptop out of the box. The unit is lightweight, but surprisingly sturdy. The diplay may not neccessarily beat out all the other name brand competitors, but it is high definition and looks great with nothing really to complain about so far. The killer feature for me is the touchscreen! I don't think you can find anything else out there for the price, portability, compatability, and features like a touch screen. I use this for work and dont game on it. Based on my use I think it is geared more towards productivity so I dont know if this is neccessarily the best option for games. If you need something portable for productivity and touch compatabilty I would recommend this.
  • I love using this portable monitor it's very convenient for me to use it. Very easy to set up I just plug and got connected to mySamsung galaxy s9 using the cord USB c- USB c and it triggered Samsung dex right after you plug it in your phone. It's pretty impressive the touchscreen is very responsive I don't have any problem using the monitor. It came with free screen protector and case. This monitor is very awesome it don't need a power source if your going to use this for short period of time your phone battery will be the source of power to work this but if you are going to use this for long time it came with power cord which is good it will charge your phone at the same time too. You can plug this with your computer to be as a second monitor or plug it to projector. It has hdmi to hdmi, USB to USB c, and USB c to USB c. It's pretty cool and awesome
  • Thin and light. Easy to carry, comes with a stand and a guest screen cover. Clear fonts are sharp and not illusory. The color reproduction is good, not very gorgeous, it seems that the eyes are not tired, the degree of reduction can be. Good viewing angle
  • I love how fast this worked, and that I don't have to mess around with DisplayLink for USB only. This has an HDMI port if I chooose to use that. And even though I have bluetooth headphones, and a bluetooth adapter for my wired headphones, I really appreciate this has a 3.5mm headphone jack. There is a separate wall charger to power up the monitor, and that seems to be charging my phone simultaneously when connected via USB.All in all a terrific way to use my phone for light computing, and I have access to all my photos, phone only apps, and files on my SD card without having to transfer files.
  • It is a great on camera monitorWorks great with my Sony A7iiiLight weightIt has three sides standard screw interfaceso I can easily mount with smallrig cage or any brand gimbal (weebil lab
  • I have a camera that I use to take photos mostly outdoor, but as you can see, the screen is small and dark. Not ideal if you like to check your work right away for any flaws. So I was looking at options for portable monitor which could be used for that exact purpose. My criteria for the monitor was resolution, brightness, and size. Although bigger the better, a standard photo print size is more applicable IMO.I decided to give X7 a shot, and boy I am in love with my new gadget. The first reaction I got when I turn on the screen was "Geez that's bright." Then I had to lower the brightness by more than 50 indoor to protect my eyes haha. When I was testing it outdoor on a sunny day, I find it very comfortable to look at with 80 to 90 brightness. The 4K screen beats the little crappy screen on the camera hands down. Also, I have noticed the screen is non-glare, I can comfortably see the pictures without shielding the screen, like I always had to with any camera, even my iPhone.Very satisfied with it so far. I would update if I find anything else worth sharing! :)
  • Love this little monitor. I use it for my pocket 4k. Being that the pocket screen does not tilt this is the perfect companion. I can pinch to zoom and check my focus. It gives the use of the histogram. It's very bright when filming in day light.Great little monitor.
  • I had been trying to decide which monitor to buy for a while now and after doing a bit of research decided to buy the X7 by ANDYCINE as I was looking for a monitor that would work really well in bright sunny conditions; as reading the screen on the back of my Lumix camera in a nightmare in bright sun. I was a little worried when it arrived as it didn’t come with any type of pop out of Velcro on sunshade but as you can see from the video this was no problem. The monitor is so bright it really doesn’t need one.As for the features it contains most of what you would expect from a top end monitor. It has a pass-through HDMI out, it displays Histogram, False Colours, Focus Peaking. The Focus Peaking is such a useful feature as this is quite difficult to view on the back of my Lumix camera but using this monitor means it’s easy to make sure everything is in focus.It comes with a really nice quality hard case, shoe mount, battery plate but be aware there is no battery included. It does include a mini HDMI cable and power cable. It would have been nice to include a battery for this price, but I have a few of these at home already and the monitor is such good quality I have no regrets with my purchase. Hopefully it will last a very long time.
  • Having not really appreciated the value, I decided I needed to buy a monitor after filming a few YouTube videos blindly, and having done a few corporate jobs where the client wants to review the footage on set.Andycine was always going to be the monitor I bought as I was only after something easy to use and small, and this had some great reviews. The a6 is an awesome monitor - the screen is incredibly sharp, the menu is so so easy to use even for somebody like me who has never used a camera monitor before, and it's small enough to carry around.This price range for monitors is becoming more and more competitive and there might even be 1 or 2 monitors that have more features for this price but you cannot fault the quality of this monitor in both the build and the software, which is why this is the monitor I recommend to most people at this point!At this point I'd normally say something I don't like about it but honestly I haven't found anything that really bothers me yet, but I'll be sure to update this review if I do!